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Bono waves in Kampar River, saddler The World Surfer

Bono waves has a height of up to 6 meters and often occur in the Kampar River is an amazing natural phenomenon and is rarely found in rivers in other regions. Kampar River is located in the province of Riau and West Sumatra has attracted the attention of surfers the world. So no wonder then if the Kampar River which has a wave Bono is now being promoted as a tourist destination with attractions for surfers.

Bono waves in Kampar River, Riau Province, Indonesia (Pic 1). AeroTourismZone
Bono waves in Kampar River, Riau Province, Indonesia (Pic 1).
Surfing on Bono Waves in Kampar River.

Kampar River in Riau is a natural wonder in Indonesia. Not without reason, this river has up to 6 meters high waves with a wavelength of 300 meters. You who have the guts, please surf here!

If a traveler usually surfing in the ocean, but differ in the village of Muda Island in Palalawan Regency, Riau. Kampar River in this area became the arena for surfers surfing world who have more guts. Kampar River is famous for wave Bono, who formed the waves and become a formidable challenge to be conquered. From the information on the official website of Tourism of Indonesia, the waves created by Bono wave height can reach 4 feet to 6 feet. Not only that, the wave can be rolled up to 2 hours at speeds up to 40 km / h. Powerful! In fact, the surfers have their own nicknames for these Bono wave. They called him by name Wave Seven Ghosts, because the waves generated can reach seven consecutive layers.

Why is that? Bono waves created by the meeting of the stream and ocean currents. Coupled with the wind and cliffs on the right and left, waves are created to be very strong. For novice surfers are advised not to try surfing there.

You know, it surfers from England named Steven King already broke the record in the Kampar River in 2013 ago. He conquered wave surfing Bono as far as 20.65 kilometers, for 1 hour 4 minutes. This man was admiring the wonders of the Kampar River and has its own assessment. "Wave Bono is a long and fantastic waves. Bono is different from other places, because it is on the equator. So fast waves, long, and difficult character. At that Bono river water, so it will be difficult to float and stand there than at sea," said Steven.

Kampar River is a river in Indonesia, tipped in Bukit Barisan around West Sumatra and empties into the east coast of the island of Sumatra. This river is the meeting of two rivers is nearly as large, which is called the Kampar Kampar Right and Left. This meeting is at Langgam region (Pelalawan), and after the meeting of the river is called the Kampar River up to its mouth in the Strait of Malacca.

Bono waves in Kampar River, Riau Province, Indonesia (Pic 2). AeroTourismZone
Bono waves in Kampar River, Riau Province, Indonesia (Pic 2).
Bono waves in Kampar River.

Bono is a wave or waves that occur in Muara Sungai Kampar, Pelalawan, Riau Province, Indonesia. Bono waves Kampar River is a natural phenomenon as a result of the meeting rivers flow to the sea and ocean currents into the river due to the tide. Usually the waves or waves only occur on the beach or the sea or lake broad due to changes in water currents and wind. The waves were large enough being used to play smoothly. If you see people surfing on the beach is a familiar thing, but to see people surfing in the stream is a remarkable thing. Bono biggest wave usually occurs when the rainy season where the water flow is large enough that the Kampar River in November and December.

Bono Wave Legend.

Bono wave is actually located in two locations in the province of Riau, namely in the estuary of Kampar River in Pelalawan and in the estuary of Rokan River in Rokan Hilir. Local people call Bono in Kuala Kampar as Bono Males because larger, while Bono in Kuala Rokan called as Bono Females being smaller.

According to local residents trust, Bono wave in Kampar River is Bono males, while Bono females are in the Rokan River area, close to the Bagansiapi-api city. Bono in Kuala Kampar totaled seven waves, shaped like a horse which is called by the parent Bono. In the spring tide death, Bono wave will go to the Rokan river to meet Bono females. Then relax heading to the Strait of Malacca. That is why when a small moon and tide death, Bono wave is not found in both rivers. If the month started off great, Bono wave back to the place of each, then go up a river play Kampar and Rokan River. The more full moon in the sky, the more excited wave Bono and go up a race against the two rivers.

Bono River estuary known as the Kuala Kampar residents have Bono waves that can reach a height of 6-10 meters, depending on the circumstances at the time of the incident. According to the Old Malay story entitled Sentadu Seamount, every the Malay warrior should be able to conquer the Wave Bono to improve their fighting skills. It can make sense because "riding" Bono wave point is maintaining the balance of the body, beyond the mystical problem.

In the past, because there is still a mystical properties in that location, then for wave riding Bono should be the ceremony "Semah" who performed the morning or afternoon. The ceremony was led by Bomo or Datuk or village elders in order for wave riders Bono always obtain salvation and kept away from any danger. In addition there are mythical stories (possibly) associated with this Bono wave is the story of "Blood Flood In Mempusun" or "Mempusun covered in blood" and the establishment of the Kingdom of Pelalawan 1822 AD.

Now, people around the Kuala Kampar regard Bono Wave as "friends of nature". Residents who dare to be "riding" Bono wave with their boats not to use a surfboard. Riding a Bono wave over canoe into an activity dexterity. But these activities are at high risk because when one driving the boat, then the boat will be slammed by a wave of Bono, not infrequently the sampan be blown to pieces.

Bono waves in Kampar River, Riau Province, Indonesia (Pic 3). AeroTourismZone
Bono waves in Kampar River, Riau Province, Indonesia (Pic 3).
Seven Waves Ghost.

Communities around the Kampar River has a special fairy tales associated with the wave Bono. There are many stories and beliefs of the local community which makes a natural event that is increasingly rare privilege. According to the story the old Malay, Bono waves occur because of embodiment seven ghosts that often destroy the boat and ship passing Kampar Peninsula. Large waves are very frightening for the community so as to pass through Semah ceremony should be held as mentioned above. The surf is very deadly when dealing with the boat or ship. Quite often the canoe becomes shattered into pieces in the waves hit or destroyed due to hit the riverbank. There is little ship turned upside down and drowned.

According to the story, first roller totaled seven large waves of seven ghosts. When the Dutch colonial period, the ships belonging to the Dutch very difficult to enter the Kampar Peninsula because these waves. One commander of the Dutch troops ordered to shoot using a cannon in the direction of the big waves. Whether by chance or because of other things, one of the big waves hit the Dutch cannon shot never appear again until now. So, now there are only six large rolls Bono waves.

Seven Ghosts are seven waves Bono with the formation of one in front and followed by six waves behind. Because of the biggest waves have destroyed the Netherlands so large Bono waves left only 6 waves with nearly parallel formation enter Kuala Kampar and hit Dutch ship. The Dutch ship's crew was never found until now.

Scientific Explanation About The occurrence of Bono wave In Kampar River.

Bono wave is a natural phenomenon, it can simply be stated that the occurrence of waves meeting Bono is due to tidal waters in the river flow from upstream towards the estuary. In the study of Environmental Fluid Mechanics (Environmental Fluid Mechanics), Bono called Tidal bore or bore / Aegir / eagre / eygre. Scientifically, wave Bono is one of the natural events are quite rare and infrequent. Where we will witness a large wave that occurred in the middle of the sea like, but this happens in a freshwater stream.

Bono waves occur because of a conflict of three water flow from the Strait of Malacca, the South China Sea and the Kampar River water flow. As a result of this collision, making waves in Kampar river mouth can reach a height of 4 meters to 5 meters. Ahead of the arrival of this wave, marked by a great roar. It is a scientific phenomenon to be believed by intellectuals alone.

Incidence Causes Waves Bono :
  • The flow of river water to the estuary
  • rain
  • high tide
  • The position of the moon
  • High Low water depth
  • Forest environment around the watershed
The best time of visit

The best time to visit the Kampar River is at the beginning and at the end of the rainy season. Why, then that would Bono high waves. Precisely in February, March, October, and November. When the day and night, is the best time to surf the Kampar River.


There are two access doors Palalawan Region, from Batam can cross speedboat. In addition, access to the area that can be reached also by car for 4 hours from the city of Pekanbaru. There were many homestay in the Meranti village.

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