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Lihaga Island Tourism Destinations in North Sulawesi, Indonesia

Tourism Information. Lihaga Island is one tourist attraction that is quite popular in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Lihaga Island in the administrative area of North Minahasa regency. The island has a beach with sand so soft and white only has an area of 8 hectares. Lihaga Island is inhabited by one family who was given the task to maintain and manage the island as a tourism area.

Lihaga Island, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. AeroTourismZone
Lihaga Island, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
North Sulawesi has the potential of marine and coastal tourism are very diverse. Who is not familiar with the underwater beauty of Bunaken? But Bunaken is just one of the many fascinating marine tourism destination in the province. Another marine tourism destination is the Island of Lihaga. Lihaga, is an island that only has an 8 ha. Being in the administrative area of North Minahasa regency. The island is located at the upper end of the island of Sulawesi in the form of letter K. If the dotted line is drawn, will form a virtual line sort from Lihaga Island up to General Santos, Davao In the Philippines. In this false line, there are also the islands of Sangir Talaud, Talise, Bangka, and the Gangga.

Lihaga Island has special advantages when compared to other islands in North Sulawesi. The sand is white and fine as flour, causing the island to be very tempting to visit. Lihaga Island also without residents. Only one family who was assigned to guard the island. They are in charge of cleaning the trash left behind by visitors. To get into the island, visitors are charged Rp 20,000 per person. The money will be used by the island guard to their operations.

Beach in Lihaga Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. AeroTourismZone
Beach in Lihaga Island, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.
To be able to reach the Lihaga island, from Manado can be reached by taking the route from the Port of Likupang. From Manado takes about 1.5 hours drive. Then rent a boat for crossing to the Lihaga island. About 45 minutes, we've reached to Lihaga Island. Boats for rent can accommodate up to 20 people with a rental rate of Rp 750,000. We recommend that you ask the boat driver to cross the waters near the island of Gangga. The island is a neighbor the Lihaga island also has a beautiful view with a resort owned by an Italian. Before you get down to the beach on the island of Lihaga, you should surround this island using a boat you are riding. Lip beaches will present an unforgettable sight. Gradient water from blue to green and topped with sea foam breaking on the white sand, it is a mesmerizing sight. Coupled with the views of the rock on the other side of the island.

Under the sea in the waters around the Lihaga island also presents beautiful views. When at the beach, gazebo with seating made of bamboo, is ready to welcome us. Playing with sand while chasing the waves is an attractive option. Swimming at the beach and snorkel is equally thrill.

On the island without population is already available toilets and changing rooms. Even had some wooden buildings are quite large. But before crossing into Lihaga, first do not forget to buy food and drinks at Likupang. Because in Lihaga no stalls and food vendors. Visitors can also stay at Lihaga, free of charge again. Sure to provide their own equipment overnight. If managed well, Lihaga Island will be one of the best destinations in North Sulawesi. But even so, every weekend, the Lihaga Island always crowded tourists. The island is also a favorite location for photographers. So, if you are in North Sulawesi, do not forget to stop by at the island of Lihaga.

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