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Sentani Lake, a spectacular tourist destinations in Papua province, Indonesia

Indonesia Tourism. Sentani Lake is a popular tourist area in Papua. The lake is known for a calm water surface and is beautifully situated on the slopes of the Cycloops Mountain Nature Reserve. Sentani Lake runs between Jayapura city and Jayapura regency, Papua. This lake has an area of approximately 9360 hectares and located at an altitude of 75 meters above sea level. Sentani Lake is the largest lake in Papua. In this lake there are 21 small islands adorn this beautiful lake. Sentani meaningful sense of the word "here we live in peace." Sentani name was first mentioned by a Christian pastor, BL Bin, when carrying out missionary in the lake in 1898.

Sentani Lake, Jayapura, Papua province, Indonesia. AeroTourismZone
Sentani Lake, Jayapura, Papua province, Indonesia.
Sentani Lake is the name of a lake in Papua that has been very popular. Sentani Lake has a beautiful view with the water surface of sparkling in the sunshine override. The lake is located near Jayapura, the capital of Papua province. The surface of a calm lake water will make you feel peaceful like being in heaven. By embracing the Cyclops Mountains in the north and the lush vegetation as a beautiful backdrop to protect 24 villages that perched around the lake, make Sentani Lake is very beautiful and unique. Local residents around the lake has a friendly nature and creative. The results of their crafts are the best in the Papua province.

Sailing on Sentani Lake by boat is a wonderful experience. You can rent a boat motor in one of the villages. Feeling the breeze caressing your skin and hair when driving a motor boat on the lake surface, photographing ranks of stage house that standing on the banks of the lake, get acquainted with the locals, you can only get and feel in this lake. During World War II, Sentani Lake and surrounding areas once used as a training ground for landing the amphibious aircraft. Military facility was built by the Japanese and later taken over by the U.S. Army in 1944. Legend of the American war, General MacArthur, was said to have lived at Sentani Lake.

Life as a fisherman and lived close to the provincial capital, making most of the communities around Sentani Lake is open to the tourists. Stage house with fishpond and nets are a common sight on the lake. This lake is home to around 33 species of fish, which is almost half of whom are native species of fish this lake. Fish saws (Pristis Microdon) is a native fish this lake, but is now thought to have been extinct. Fish saws has become one of the ornaments on the Sentani wood crafts.

Sentani Lake. AeroTourismZone
Sentani Lake.
Stone painting

In the Taturi village, stone paintings are a marvel worth visiting. Situated on a small hill on the edge of the lake, you can enjoy this rock while boating. Another village that offers beautiful scenery is Doyo Lama, the art of rock painting. This lake is a fantastic starting point to understand the culture of Papua. Remains of World War II are scattered around the lake is such an important command headquarters during the war. On one of the hills, at Mount Ifar, a monument built to commemorate the American military command General MacArthur. From the monument you can enjoy a spectacular view of the lake.

Villages around Sentani Lake have different customs, but from some of the same culture as seen from their beliefs and rituals. For example, Isolo, was an event that unites different cultures from 24 villages around the lake. The ceremony can also be seen as part of the Sentani Lake Festival held during the month of June. While Asei Island is one of the artists around the lake. Asei Island is known for producing a patterned fabric bark beautiful and unique. Bark cloth is a traditional dress of women Sentani that most women move to catch fish in the lake. Spiral motifs symbolizing the fabric of life in Sentani Lake, there are crocodiles, fish saws, and mixed motives who also owned Asmat like bipane, a symbol of the wild boar tusks, and Asmat figures.

The annual cultural festival of Sentani Lake is a major attraction that held in Kalkote, Sentani. The festival is held at a height of 75 meters above sea level and enlivened with a war dance on the vessel, which is an spectacular attraction for tourists.

Access to Sentani Lake

Sentani Lake can be reached by driving for about 30 minutes to the west of the city of Jayapura. Sentani airport, located about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Jayapura. As the capital of a vast province, Jayapura well connected with major cities in Indonesia, both by air and sea. It is recommended to always check your flight details. Outside the airport, kendaraa minibus was waiting for passengers to go to Jayapura. Minibus rental rate varies. So, make sure that you already know and agree with the rates offered by the driver before you decide to use the minibus.

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