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Sabang Marine Tourism, Aceh, Indonesia

Sabang, part of Aceh province and is located at the northern tip of Indonesia was found to have a charming sea sights. One marine tourism in Sabang is quite special as Rubiah Marine Park is located on the island of Rubiah. Beaches around the uninhabited island has white sand beaches and blue sea water.

Sabang, Aceh, Indonesia. AeroTourismZone
Sabang, Aceh, Indonesia.
Weh Island is part of the Provincial Government of Aceh. The island is known as Kilometer Zero Point Indonesia. Marked with the establishment of a monument to start calculating the distance and vast territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Weh Island has some neighboring islands. Among Rubiah Island, Klah Island, Seulako Island and Rondo Island.

Since the Dutch colonial government established Sabang Maatschappij in 1895, Sabang Port also have significance. From this port, the Dutch ships carrying spices from the archipelago to be sold to Europe. Sabang town before World War II was the most important port city in comparison Temesek (now named Singapore). Consisting of two parts, the Upper Town and Lower Town.

Rubiah Marine Park

As a Marine Tourism Destination Region, Sabang has tourist submarine that has a variety of marine animals and plants. Among other Iboih Beach is located on the island of Rubiah (also known as marine parks), Balee, Seulako's Drift, batee Tokong, shark Plateau, Pantee Ideu, Batee Gla, Pantee Aneuk Seuke, Pante Peunateung, Lhong Angen, Pantee Gua, Limbo Gapang, Batee Meuduro, and others.

Rubiah Island was once a dormitory before the departure of pilgrims to Mecca. But now it has become a tourist destination with the marine park known as Rubiah Marine Park. Marine park covering an area of 2600 hectares is located in the village of Iboh, sub-distric of Suka Karya. The distance is about 29 km west of the town of Sabang, or about 7 miles when reached by sea transport.

In the west island Rubiah with the distance 350 m there Iboih coastal resorts which covers 1300 ha, and 3 miles North West are Kilometre Zero monument. In the north of the island is directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean. Meanwhile, in the east by the tourist areas Gapang Beach. To get to the Rubiah island located in Iboih coastal areas could be using a minibus. Distance of about 45 minutes from the town of Sabang. Cost to enter the region Rp 5,000 per person.

Rubiah Marine Park, Sabang, Aceh, Indonesia. AeroTourismZone
Rubiah Marine Park, Sabang, Aceh, Indonesia.
Rubiah Island is uninhabited, but has a white sandy beach. Of the island is clearly visible large vessels that pass, on this island we also can enjoy the sunset.

Around the coast Iboih, there are a number of diving centers. Rental diving equipment for snorkeling, only Rp 40,000 / day. Its a little expensive is rental boat or glass boat to watch the beautiful Sabang marine park. Rental boat diving Rp 150,000 for a few hours, while the glass boat around Rp 300,000 and can be loaded with about 10 people.

Through Sabang International Regatta which is scheduled to be held every year, the government through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to make this area as Main Marine Tourism Destination Region in the western region. Moreover mileage Langkawi (Malaysia) - Sabang just a few hours across the Malacca Straits.

Sapta Nirwandar (Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy) said, the beauty of Sabang Sea, is quite remarkable. Therefore, the ministry is determined to carry out various campaigns to Sabang is increasingly recognized by foreign tourists. "Sabang now back on the national and international tourism map as it means completeness will be a concern .. Sabang is a pearl that just needs to be sharpened because it has the bay, sea, mountains, waterfalls, and beautiful natural scenery," said Mayor of Sabang, Munawar Liza Zainal.

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